HopeBlooms & HopeWest


HopeBlooms Campaign Cabinet

Pat Bishop

Christy Whitney Borchard

Jacquie Chappell-Reid

Nina Christ

Rod Christ

Lena Elliott

Steve ErkenBrack

Terry Farina

John Gormley

Kathy Hall

Jamie Hamilton

Chris Launer

Kenneth G. Leis

Helen Love

Kathy O’Shea

Jay Seaton

Doug Simons

Jamee Simons

LeAnn Zetmeir

Les Zetmeir

HopeWest Board of Directors

Mike Antonucci

Noni Bacon

Carter Bair

Christy Whitney Borchard

Joseph Breman

Beth Costello

Martie Edwards, Secretary

Mark Francis

Peter Jouflas, Chair

Donald Nicolay, MD, Vice Chair

Carolyn Payne

Jim Pedersen

Tom Y. Sawyer

Barbara Seelye

Michelle Shiao

Chris Thomas

Monika Tuell

Todd Young

Laurel Walters

Les Zetmeir

HopeWest Advancement Board

Janice Burtis, Vice Chair

Barbara Butler

Lori Dean, Chair

Bradley Feldhaus

Kathy Hall

Cheryl Hayward

Niki Hunn-Beightel 

Arvid Koppang

Luke Meyer

Jim Pedersen

Gaylene Thompson

Matt L. Ward

Laura Wilbur

HopeBlooms Campaign

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to embrace this unique opportunity to create something that will transcend generations and help make the last chapter of our lives the best it can be.

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