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Senator Tilman & Pat Bishop…A Legacy

Tillie and Pat Bishop, our campaign chairs, lived a life of generosity and leadership. It was not unusual for Tillie to blurt out “Yes!” before we ever really got the question out asking him to chair our campaign for the Center for Living Your best. They knew the importance of being independent and living on their own for as long as possible. They understood and embraced the dream.

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They worked hard up until their last days to support this project. Who could have predicted they both would have left us just as the project was being completed. Pat and Tillie are missed by countless friends and people whose lives they touched. Many people have made a gift in their honor and we know many more will want to do the same. HopeWest is planning a special tribute to Pat, Tillie, and those who make a gift to the HopeBlooms campaign in their honor.

Jamie Hamilton

Chairman/CEO, Home Loan Insurance & Home Loan State Bank; HopeBlooms Campaign Chair

The HopeWest expansion is not only innovative in its approach to total wellness and quality of life, but it will also stimulate our economy. These are the reasons for my support of the project.

Ken Leis

Community Leader, HopeBlooms Campaign Cabinet Member

Ken Leis became part of the HopeWest “family” as soon as he moved to the Grand Valley. His generous gifts to our Capital Campaigns were instrumental in the success of all major projects over the last 15 years. Ken’s leadership on our Board of Directors helped guide the organization toward a vision of expanded service and excellence.

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Ken is a dedicated advocate who inspires many others to contribute. We are so grateful for his extraordinary commitment and philanthropic spirit.

Helen Love


Our community knows HopeWest for high-touch patient and family care. I am excited about being involved in telling the story and raising money for this next groundbreaking expansion of HopeWest’s mission. It represents a response to and anticipation of an undeniable need of all of us: our parents now, us later!

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There is no better lineup of health care visionaries, clinical staff and community leaders to lead this effort. I invite you to give today and be one of the 1,000 people
in our community to help Hope Bloom!

Doug & Jamee Simons

Owners, Enstrom Candies; HopeBlooms Campaign Chairs

“We have to get behind great programs like the HopeWest expansion of services that will build the kind of community we envision. We have promoted Mesa County as a great place to retire, so we must prepare to meet the needs of those who choose to live here.” – Doug Simons

“It is often said that ‘home is where the heart is.’ I believe with all my heart that we should do all we can to help people age in place – in the homes that they love. The HopeBlooms campaign can make that possible.” – Jamee Simons

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

– Christopher Reeve

Community Leaders

Lori Dean

Community Leader

This kind of life changing care is what we want for our loved ones, friends and the community. HopeWest shows their steadfast commitment and compassion for each of us each day. They help us help each other. That is why we are asking you to be part of something that will lift them up not only today, but far into the future.

Julie Elliott

HopeWest Employee

As a member of the HopeWest Team and lead for The CLUB program at the Bacon Center for Living Your Best, I am honored to be a part of the vision and mission of a different future for aging well—one that supports a continuum of care for those aging in our community.

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Every day I am both inspired and humbled by the genuine, compassionate care and support given to HopeWest patients and their families—it is life-changing.

I am no exception to the truth that aging, illness and grief touch us all. I have had loved ones and family friends pass through the care of HopeWest. I was incredibly moved by the compassionate care and support that our families received.

HopeWest IS profoundly changing the experiences of aging, illness and grief within our community. The expansion of programs at the Bacon Center for Living Your Best will expand our continuum of care for seniors, enabling them to live in their own homes independently and safely while also providing a safe place to gather, socialize, strengthen mind-body-sprit, and stay well.

Please consider joining me in support of
the HopeBlooms Campaign. All donations are important and meaningful and will make a difference. Together we can ensure “Hope Blooms” today and for generations to come.

Kay Ferris

Community Leader

HopeWest was there in a way I did not expect or know possible when our family truly needed support. When I was asked to consider a challenge gift beyond our other donations to help HopeWest expand their mission, I couldn’t say no.

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I know that without our help, this project—creating the Center for Living Your Best and opening a PACE program—is not feasible, and I know it will transform how all of us experience aging. Not only that, it will sustain the organization we have come to love.

Home is very important to me, and I want to be there for as long as possible. The new Bacon Center for Living Your Best will enable people to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes, while fostering social connections that are critical for happiness and health.

My husband, Mike, believed that it was important to give back to the community that made his success possible. Now, I hope to inspire you to give back and support this groundbreaking project.

Suzie Hammond

HopeWest CNA

“I love working here and I feel privileged to work here. One day I was like, you know what, I’m in a position not only emotionally but, even financially for maybe the first time in my life to really give back to something I believe in and I believe in this organization.

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So I figured it out and It was a big moment for me to do something of that nature and with my whole heart. If I had millions, I would give it. I invite you to join me in supporting the HopeBlooms campaign, it will do so much good for our community.

Bob Jarvis & Niki Hunn

Thomas Hunn Jewelers

We support HopeWest and bringing the PACE program to the Grand Valley 100%. HopeWest has been a blessing for our whole family. With the amazing philanthropy throughout our community, we have a phenomenal opportunity for seniors to receive the medical care and support they need, while living in their own homes.

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The new center will also be a place for our loved ones to have fun and meet friends. We hope you’ll join us and be one of 1,000 people to help hope bloom.

Mark & Tracy Gardner

Whitewater Building Materials

We’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Grand Valley. This community supports us and we believe in supporting our local community too. That’s why we wanted to be a part of the HopeBlooms campaign.

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The new center will be a one-stop-shop for seniors to get all of the care they need.

HopeWest has been there for our family and the new programs will help more of our friends and neighbors when they need it most.

Please consider joining us in making this important work possible.

Dr. Pete & Kristy Jouflas

HopeBlooms Donors

My wife Kristy and I believe in the value of community coming together to care for each other. Chairing the HopeWest Board of Directors has been an experience that has opened my eyes to the level of support that families need as they face the issues of aging, illness, loss and grief. 

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And, to the fact that no one is better positioned than HopeWest to provide that support as we expand to offer a PACE program and other services for seniors at The Bacon Center for Living Your Best.  

Our Board of Directors unanimously agreed to individually support the 1,000 for $1,000 campaign to help bring the final phase of the HopeBlooms campaign to fruition. HopeWest has been a community-owned entity for as long as I can remember, and the 1,000 for $1,000 campaign makes it possible for everyone in
our community to continue their investment in HopeWest. Collectively we can make a huge impact.

I encourage everyone to consider investing in the 1,000 for $1,000 HopeBlooms campaign as we prepare to open these new programs designed to help seniors
in our community live the best quality of life possible, while helping them stay in the homes that they love. It’s also exciting to be part of an effort that will add over 150 new jobs in Mesa County and have a major impact on our economy for years to come.

Every gift counts as we move closer and closer to our goal. Please join us and be part of the amazing community that makes hope bloom!

Marjorie Keely, MD

Retired Physician

As a retired physician who practiced in the field of rehabilitation medicine for decades here in Grand Junction, I value good physical health and the very best quality of life in general for seniors. HopeWest understands and values that, too.

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HopeWest already provides comprehensive and compassionate care to people suffering from chronic disease as well as providing comfort and peace of mind at the end-of-life. Their palliative care programs help people manage medical, psychological, and social issues for chronic heart, lung, kidney and other conditions of aging wherever they are—home, senior residences, nursing homes, hospitals and the Ferris Care Center. Family support and education during the illness and in the grieving process are also essential. Soon, new programs at the Center for Living Your Best will offer comprehensive medical care, socialization, support and creative fun for frail seniors.

I have friends and family who are deeply appreciative of these holistic programs that enable our last years of life to be lived with dignity and comfort. And, I am grateful that I can personally support the HopeBlooms Campaign and the dedicated and experienced HopeWest teams, both through charitable giving, and with lots of kudos for the extraordinary work they do!

Richard & Lindsay Keller

HopeBlooms Donors

We were both raised understanding how important it is to give back to our community… Our family has been touched by hospice care, so when we learned about the unparalleled services at HopeWest, we knew we had found an organization we would forever be humbled and honored to support.

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From attending fundraising events like the Black Tie & Boots Gala and the Holiday Show, to making dinners for monthly grief support groups, our HopeWest journey has shown us that giving back comes in many forms.

When we were asked to support the HopeBlooms Campaign, the initiative amazed us—a comprehensive approach to aging well through the mind, body and spirit. These services are for both the aging population as well as their families and caregivers. Richard sees the difference these services would make for his clients and their families everyday. Although we may not personally need these services for years to come, paying it forward is the virtuous thing to do.

Please consider joining us to support this important project, so we can enrich our community for generations to come.

Marc & Mary K. Wendland

HopeWest Employees

We are both honored and proud to be employed by an organization that contributes so much to our community. We have seen firsthand the wonderful care given to HopeWest patients and their families by our amazing physicians, clinicians, social workers and chaplains, who go above and beyond to give the best care possible.

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There are two things that help keep these wonderful caregivers going—a huge support staff behind the scenes, and money. As with all nonprofits, fundraising is a necessity. We strongly believe in the mission of HopeWest, and are happy to support it through our work, our ability to assist with fundraisers, and through our donations to support the many programs offered by HopeWest.

With so many people working past retirement age, it is becoming harder for individuals to care for elderly relatives. We want to let them be as independent as possible, for as long as possible, but sometimes it is hard to leave them alone. A program like PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly) would allow people to remain independent at home by providing a day center, medical care, social opportunities, activities, and even some fun!

To launch a program like PACE requires substantial support and time. We encourage the community to give what you can to make this dream a reality. Who knows, we might need this program down the road! We will continue to support the HopeBlooms Campaign to see PACE come to fruition for generations to come.

HopeBlooms Campaign

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