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Generous Gifts Given: $10 Million

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Goal: $11.5 Million

HopeBlooms Campaign Progress

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Where it all began

An Innovative Idea

After hearing the need to create a hub of care and services for seniors in our community, HopeWest leadership considered creating new programs and weighed options to meet this need. The search began for a large enough location to house current HopeWest staff, programs, and meet the needs of future HopeWest programs.

January 2017

A Major Gift from Jack Walker

For years, HopeWest rented space from Jack Walker, at his building on Compass Drive where about 150 HopeWest staff work. When Jack decided to sell the building, HopeWest was thrilled at the possibility of purchasing the property and staying put in our own home!

He generously agreed to sell HopeWest the building for $4 million – $1.2 million less than the appraised value. His generous, in-kind donation allowed for immediate renovations including the heating and cooling system, electrical system upgrades and added fire sprinklers.

September 2017

Renovations Begin

Talks with architects began, plans were drawn and renderings were created. The Compass Drive building was preparing for a transformation.

April 2019

Renovations Underway

FCI Constructors is busily transforming the Compass Drive building into The Center for Living Your Best. They have removed the stairway to create a beautiful new lobby, installed new mechanical and electrical systems, and have started hanging drywall. A first-class primary care clinic and a beautiful salon are emerging on the second floor. Step by step we are getting closer to making our dream a reality!

July 2019

Introducing the
Herb & Laura May Bacon Center for Living Your Best

At the beginning of our campaign, the Bacon Family Foundation stepped up with an extraordinary gift of one million dollars to honor Herb and Laura May; it took our breath away. Herb and Laura May have been known throughout this community for their passion for making things better for everyone. We have named the building in their honor and in recognition of the Bacon Family Foundation gift.

July 2017

West Wing Renovations Complete

Renovations of the West Wing of The Center for Living Your Best are completed and ready to house the first new program of the Center—The CLUB. The West Wing is also home to the Clinic, and the Center for Hope and Healing.

November 2019

Extraordinary Gift from Kay Ferris

Mike and Kay Ferris have always been deeply committed to the community and have always inspired others around them to look to the future and support the things that make Western Colorado such an extraordinary place to live. Their gift of $2.5 million to assure the future of care and the success of the HopeBlooms expansion project could not have come at a better time and we could not be more grateful for it. In honor of their gift the Hospice Care Center has been named the Mike & Kay Ferris Hospice Care Center.

November 2019

The CLUB Opens

The CLUB, the first new program housed at the Center, opens. It provides a vibrant place that helps seniors stay well and live their very best while they remain living at home. It is gathering place where you can meet old friends, make new friends, experience lifelong learning and enjoy activities.

July 2020

Building Completion

Remodeling of the center and east wing of the building are complete! We marked the occasion by unveiling a beautiful sculpture titled “With Love” in front of the east entrance.

Where are we now?

We’re not done yet!

The building is complete, but we are not done yet! We are in the final phase of the HopeBlooms campaign. Funds from this phase will help us as we begin to open our next new program—Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Thank you for your support!

Campaign Progress

Generous Gifts Given: $9.9 Million

  • 86% 86%

Goal: $11.5 Million

HopeBlooms Campaign

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